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Tile Guide

One of the most versatile flooring options around is tile! With the ability to be installed inside and outside of the home, you can truly customize the way your home looks. We offer a wide selection of floor and wall tiles so you can make your dream home a reality.

When looking to install tile in your home, you will want to consider how much foot traffic there will be as well as where in your home you plan on installing the tile. This way you know how durable of a tile you need, as well as what would best suit that space. Ceramic tile is most commonly used in kitchens, and porcelain in bathrooms. Both are water resistant and easy to clean.

Types of Tile

If you like to stay on top of the latest in-home trends, then wood-look tile would be the perfect fit. Wood-look tile is exactly as it sounds, it is tile made to look like a real wood floor by using elongated tiles instead of the traditional square tiles. Get the real look of hardwood, but the durability of tile.

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Tile Design Ideas

We make choosing a new tile floor easy because we have gathered all the information you need to know. Depending on the room you want to install tile, there are different options you can choose from. If you plan on installing tile in high traffic areas, go with a stronger option like stone. Ceramic tile is the most popular and is normally considered for kitchen and bathroom floors. If you want the same look but great durability, then porcelain tile may be the better option. Porcelain is both water and heat resistant, making it a great option for an outdoor patio.

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Tile Backsplashes 

As mentioned before, you are not limited to installing tile on just your floors. We have tile for almost every project you can think of. We have tile for kitchen or bathroom back splashes, we even have wall tile for custom showers. Create a uniform look in your kitchen or bathroom by using complementing wall and floor tile together. We have the experts here to help you design your next project.

About Tile

Ceramic Tile options

Types of Tile

Tile comes in a wide variety of options to choose from depending on your needs. Learn about the different tile options and which would be best for your home. 

Tile Types
Wall to wall tile

Tile Patterns

Read about the key features and benefits of tile flooring. Tile is perfect for Florida homes because of its heat and water resistance in such a humid climate.

Learn About Tile Patterns
bathroom tile

Tile Designs

Designer Linda Mazur was the talent behind this beautiful bathroom renovation. Take a look at this Q&A about how she went through the renovation process.

Bathroom Tile Ideas
Custom Patio Tile

Custom Patio Tile

Learn about our custom tile options for your patio. See how we can transform your space.

Learn About Custom Patio Options
Stone slabs

Custom Showers & Bathroom Tile

Get inspired for your bathroom renovation project with our custom shower and bathroom tile options. 

Learn About Custom Showers
bel terra tile flooring

Tile Installation

Learn about tile installations for backsplashes and flooring.

Learn About Tile Installations

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