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Cork Floors in Ocala, FL

Cork flooring is a unique and sustainable option you should consider for your next floor! Cork is modern and is a floor with many benefits and features. At Carpet One Floor & Home in Ocala, FL, we’re spelling it out for you..literally!

Cooling- Cork has an airiness about it which contributes to the softness of the floor. This airiness also contributes to reducing a room’s temperature change. Cork will always maintain a pleasant and even temperature if it is hot or cold outside which helps the room maintain that nice temperature, too! Cork’s ability to level temperatures will also save you money on cooling and heating costs, which is always a plus.

Original- Cork floors have a truly unique look to it that is sure to make any room stand out. Cork is available in a variety of finishes which can enhance its natural appearance and also provide you with a number of options to choose from! Check out our cork products here.

Roomy- Cork’s airiness is due to its honeycomb-like structure which includes a lot of air pockets and space. Because of this cork is a soft floor while also being resilient and able to withstand heavy furniture. The honeycomb structure also makes it easy for cork to absorb noise, which makes it a natural sound reducer.

Kind to the environment- Cork is considered an environmentally friendly floor. Although cork is harvested from trees, it does not come from the wood of the trees but rather the bark. Because of this, cork can be harvested without needing to damage or cut down trees. Some of cork’s natural benefits include that it is a hypoallergenic floor as well as antimicrobial.

Come visit us today to get a feel for cork, learn about cork flooring pros and cons and to explore your options! 

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