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When it comes to anything tile flooring and tile installation, Carpet One Floor & Home in Ocala and The Villages, FL is here to help you. Our sales professionals in our showroom are trained and knowledgeable in tile and can help answer any questions you may have and guide you through the installation process and what you should expect.

If you’d like to learn more about tile, take a look at our tile guide page.

How to Install Tile

We always recommend going with professional installation, not just to ensure a job well done but also to make sure your floor stays under warranty. Before every installation the subfloor is prepped and made sure that is it dry and free of imperfections. Then the tiles are loosely placed over your subfloor so they can be properly spaced and cut if needed. Then they will be permanently bonded to the floor with adhesive and grouted.

Where can Tile be Installed?

For the most part, tile can be installed anywhere in the home. There are durable porcelain tile options that can be installed as outdoor patios. Tile, however, is most popular in kitchens and bathrooms. You can use tile as a floor, or you can choose to have tile on your wall as a backsplash or in your shower for a custom shower design.

Custom Tile Backsplash

Custom backsplash can do a lot for your kitchen or bathroom. Not only will it give your space a focal point, but it was also protect your walls from accidental food splatter.

Bathroom Wall Tile

Bathroom wall tile, also shower tile, is a great addition to your bathroom. Make it feel more luxurious and add a statement with shower tiles that either match your existing flooring or complement it.

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