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Tile flooring is no stranger to many homes and businesses. It is a popular choice because of its versatility and its many benefits. At Carpet One Floor & Home in Ocala & Lady Lake, FL, we have a lovely assortment of tile products for your floors, walls, fireplaces, backsplashes, showers and more! We also have suggested tile patterns and tile designs to inspire you. We have highlighted some of tile’s benefits below for you to learn more.

Daltile tile flooring

Tile Styles

One of the reasons why tile has been so well received for so many years is due to its aesthetic appeal. The edged tiles pieced together make for a clean and refined look that can translate across any taste or time. There are very straightforward tile patterns like a line of solid squares perfect for a modern look and louder patterns like basketweave or offset “brick” look with alternating colors that can really suit an eclectic room. Since tiles are placed individually, any design you want is possible!

A home is never complete until the people living in it have added their personal touches. Tile is perfect for doing this since it is available in so many colors, textures and styles. Your taste of color and layout will make every visiting guest feel welcome. Not to mention, tile is a hypoallergenic floor meaning it repels dust and other allergens.

Durability of Tile

Any flooring choice is an investment, and tile will get you a permanent floor. This means that tile lasts the life of a home. While it will require repairs from time to time if a tile cracks or a section needs to be re-grouted, these repairs are usually minor and will not result in the whole floor needing to be redone. Tile is also a very durable floor and stands up well to foot traffic. It is also fade-proof and fire-proof which makes it the perfect decoration around your fireplace.

Tile Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance, tile is as easy as they come. Tile is a stain resistant and moisture resistant floor, meaning any spills are easy to wipe up. All that’s really required for cleaning tile is the occasional mopping and sweeping. Additionally, tile is a perfect choice for any room. From the bathroom and kitchen where moisture won’t affect it to an entry way with heavy foot traffic to even outside where the sun won’t fade the tiles, it’s so easy to choose tile because it can go anywhere!

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