Best Laminate Flooring Ocala, FL


Have you considered laminate in your search for flooring? Laminate is a strong and able floor that doesn’t look half bad either. Below are two reasons why laminate may be the floor for you! Ocala Carpet One is proud to serve customers throughout Ocala, Bellview and Somerfield.

Why laminate flooring?

An Eco-Friendly Option

Laminate today is so similar to hardwood in the way it looks and feels. Laminate is even related to hardwood because it is made out of recycled wood fibers. Plus, since laminate is such a durable floor, it can be recycled or repurposed when you are ready for a new floor!

Installing laminate flooring is environmentally friendly, too. There is a special method used called the click and lock method which involved just piecing together the laminate boards and clicking them into place instead of involving glue or chemicals.

Easy on the Wallet, Easy on the Eyes

Laminate is made by fusing together layers of durable resin and wood fibers so is very strong. One of the layers that makes up laminate is actually a high definition photograph- that is the part you will see. So, it is possible to have the look of hardwood, stone or tile without investing in one of those floors. You can have your floors look virtually however you want, pick any species of wood, even bring the beach inside with a picture of sand for your floors! The sky is literally the limit with laminate!