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Area Rug Binding

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Area rugs are a great way to dress up or tie together a room. While you might be thinking a lot about the color, design and shape of an area rug, have you ever thought about the fibers? There are many different fibers used to make area rugs, some natural and some synthetic. These materials each have different properties that will affect the finished rug and its place in your home. Consider these categories and characteristics when shopping for your next rug!


Strong and durable


Wool is the most popular natural rug fiber since it is stain resistant, soil resistant and flame resistant. Wool is also soft and is a natural insulator, perfect for your feet! Wool carpet is one of the more expensive choices for an area rug, but is definitely worthwhile if you choose to invest in one.




Olefin is not easily frayed and will not pill or fuzz. Olefin is also stain resistant. A downside to olefin is that it does not stand up well to high traffic areas. It is better suited for sitting rooms or other similar places.




Casual and colorful


Cotton is a breezy natural fiber that is easy to wash and budget-friendly, perfect for a casual and conscientious lifestyle. However, cotton area rugs can crush and mat more easily than rugs made of some other fibers.





Nylon is the most popular and widely used manmade rug fiber since it is created to be soft and plush while still able to withstand foot traffic. There are even some nylon carpets made from recycled materials. Nylon can attract soil easily, though.


Polyester area rugs are usually bright in color and very soft. Some polyester carpets are even made from recycled plastic bottles! Like nylon, polyester is a sucker for soil, so keep this in mind.




Beautiful and unique


Silk has a shiny and sheen look that will really draw attention to a rug. However, maintaining a silk carpet takes effort since it requires dry cleaning and is sensitive to sunlight. When figuring out where to place a silk rug, go for a low-traffic area with the idea to use the rug more as a decoration.




Sisal rugs have a unique texture and come in many colors. Sisal is a plant fiber and it is a natural insulator. However, sisal rugs should not be used in rooms with high moisture since they will be affected by it. Additionally, sisal is less soft than other fibers and may becoming slippery with more wear.


To learn more about natural fiber rugs, synthetic rugs or our carpet styles, call us today or come in to our showroom! Looking for a custom area rug? We do carpet binding and backing on any of our carpets and remnants! 



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