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Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo Flooring in Ocala, FL


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Bamboo flooring is a beautiful, sustainable and exotic flooring option. While it resembles hardwood and its classic timelessness, bamboo is much more environmentally friendly. The bamboo plant is replenishable, meaning that even after it is harvested, new bamboo will grow in its place.


Bamboo flooring consists of strips that are coated with a protective seal to minimize scratching and add durability to the floor. Bamboo also has great dimensional stability. While hardwood is known to contract and expand due to changes in moisture, bamboo is 50% less likely to do so. Think about where bamboo comes from, after all! It is not as sensitive to moisture and can withstand a rainforest climate.



Bamboo is quite resilient and stands up well to dropped objects and heavy furniture. It will bounce back from dents and not cause permanent damage.



Make any room distinct with exotic bamboo. Bamboo strips have unique notches that make the flooring stand out. Bamboo flooring is available in many finishes that are sure to match any taste or scheme.

Take a look at our exclusive bamboo products here.



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We're proud to serve customers throughout Ocala, Florida, including the cities of Silver Springs Shores, Summerfield, Anthony and the surrounding areas. 

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