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Carpet Guide

Soft, supple carpets can be excellent flooring for all types of commercial and residential facilities. Bringing us countless options, there are innovative and beautiful carpeting products to solve all types of everyday challenges.


At Carpet One Floor & Home of Ocala, and Lady Lake, FL, we’re proud to be your leading carpeting merchant and can help you understand and navigate your many choices. Are you considering a new carpet for the home or business? Here are some things to consider before committing.


What are the Different Types of Carpeting?

Carpet fibers come from various synthetic and natural sources, so it’s always recommended that you gain a working knowledge of how carpet pile works before making a final decision. Your carpet pile- the industry term for your fibers- can be used in many different carpet compositions. Level loop, cut loop, and frieze are a few examples.



Where Can Carpeting Be Installed?

We don’t advise using carpeting for your kitchen or bathroom, but soft-surface flooring can indeed be used nearly anywhere else under your roof. Spaces like your stairs and hallways call for and dense, sturdy synthetic carpet, whereas waterproof and stain-resistant soft surfaces are best for rooms used by pets or toddlers. These are just a few examples. If you’re unsure where to start, we can help you narrow down your selections based on your family size and lifestyle.


Our Carpet Selection

Carpet One Floor & Home of Ocala and Lady Laike are proud members of North America’s largest independently-owned flooring cooperative. As your first and final stop for every carpeting need, we look forward to helping you see every project from conception to completion.



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Carpet Installation

Adding texture and color, carpeting is a great addition to all types of interiors, but it’s always wise to plan your installation carefully. Once your carpet is chosen and pending installation, it definitely makes sense to begin proper preparations.




What are the Different Types of Carpet?


Not all carpet is the same. Carpet can be made of different fibers, and those fibers can be twisted into different piles. Learn about the different types of carpet and which would work best in your home.




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How to Clean Carpet Properly


Caring for your carpet is easier than you think. We recommend having a professional carpet cleaner clean your floors once a year. Follow the link below to learn about cleaning tips to use in the meantime.