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Carpet Flooring & Installation in The Villages, Florida

The Villages and Lady Lake comprise the largest retirement community in the world! With a little under 100,000 people between the two cities, this is a constantly bustling area that has been constantly growing for years. With a range of cultural experiences and fine dining options, downtown The Villages is the perfect place to spend an evening out. If you’re looking for the perfect place to explore the outdoors, nearby Lady Lake and surrounding areas have some of Florida’s best natural amenities! There’s always something to explore, like our golf-cart accessible location servicing Lady Lake and The Villages! We’re prepared to tackle any carpet project as you move to your new home.




Carpet One Carpet Services & Installation

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Your Floors Need Help

Carpet One’s carpet solutions are here to help! Carpet is one of the most versatile and simple flooring solutions available. Your carpet choice can give your room a cutting-edge feel or a warm, soft air, depending on what kind of carpet you choose. Plus, carpet comes in a wide range of colors, patterns and styles allowing it to fit practically any design style.


Carpet One carries a large selection of carpet styles, such as level loop, pattern, frieze, plush, and textured. We have a large array of colors to match your new project, and a myriad of customizable options to ensure that your carpet project is truly yours. No matter what your project is, we have a carpet style for you! Choosing the right one can be difficult, so Carpet One is here to help you make the perfect choice for your project.


We also carry specialty carpet types, for those who want their carpet to do more than just look great! In stock, we have pet-friendly carpets to protect your little furry friends and eco-friendly carpets for the tree hugger in your life. Browse our full collection of carpets here.


If you’re looking for a helping hand, our installation services may be the right choice for you! We install all of our flooring solutions, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the best, most professional help available. Don’t leave your carpet’s installation to just anyone, choose Carpet One!

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