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Turning Heads with Engineered Vinyl Plank Flooring


Vinyl planks resemble hardwood in a truly amazing way. A variety of patterns are available, too, ranging from traditional to exotic. Vinyl floors are manufactured by processing layers of high-quality protective backing and film with defined images of wood types. Engineered vinyl planks even have wood-like textures as a result of modern embossing techniques that provide for added richness and depth. Planks can also be arranged in a random or staggered design similar to hardwood. Because they are engineered using the most modern methods and techniques, vinyl planks last longer than the wood they are meant to mimic.




Beautiful Floors, Easy to Care For

Endless Possibilities

Endless Possibilities

Design possibilities for engineered vinyl flooring are truly endless. From vinyl plank that mimics wood to vinyl tile for a natural stone or bold ceramic look, it’s easy to design your home’s floors for a lifetime of use and beautiful floor protection.

Care and Maintenance

Engineered vinyl planks require little maintenance. Caring for them is as simple as vacuuming or sweeping the floor to remove dust and grit. The occasional mopping will also keep the floor looking its best and brightest! Vinyl is resilient and will bounce back from dents made by dropped objects. It really is a floor that takes care of itself.

Care and Maintenance

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The Click System

Engineered vinyl planks are installed using a very simple installation method of sliding the planks into place and clicking them together to secure. This installation method gives you the pattern and look you want.


Installation Services

Carpet One in Ocala offers installation services on all of our vinyl flooring for a professional, clean install you’ll enjoy using for years to come.



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