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Hardwood Floors in FloridaCovering Carpet One Floor & Home

Hardwood floors are an enduring classic that adds ongoing value and luxury to all types of spaces. Today there are hardwood flooring options fit for all budgets and spaces, including humidity-friendly engineered hardwood floors.


At Carpet One Floor & Home of Ocala and Lady Lake, FL, we’re your local hardwood flooring store. Our flooring selection is the best in The Villages and our team of hardwood experts will guide you through each step of your flooring, all the way to residential flooring installation and maintenance.


Styling Your Hardwood Floors

Today’s hardwood floors are designed for expressing your true style.


Mix and match your favorite plank features to create a look that accentuates your space and tastes:


  • Finish
  • Width
  • Lengths
  • Colors
  • Shades
  • Grain Patterns
  • Edging
  • Beveling


What Types of Hardwood Species Are There?

Beyond the styles available, consider which hardwood species you’re most drawn to.


There are exotic and domestic tree species used to make hardwood flooring. Our most popular options include:


  • Maple
  • Red Maple
  • Cork
  • Birch
  • Oak
  • White Oak
  • Hickory


Each hardwood species looks and performs differently in various environments. Hardwood types vary in hardness levels and their ability to resist moisture. They also boast distinct colors, grain patterns, and other characteristics. Be sure to do your research to make sure your chosen wood species will fare fine in your specific space.


How Can I Protect My Hardwood Floor from Humidity?

Wood is a natural material that will expand when the air is moist and humid and shrink after drying out.


Having hardwood floors means being dedicated to managing humidity indoors. Even floors that have been stained or painted will respond to humid conditions, so its important that your installers leave spaces between the planks for them to expand or shrink as the weather changes. Otherwise, your new floors will soon cup, buckle, or even warp!


A consistent relative humidity level is recommended to keep your hardwood healthy. Using air conditioners and dehumidifiers are one way to keep things stable in your home.



What Is Engineered Hardwood Flooring?

Modern hardwood flooring can be either solid or engineered construction.


  • Solid hardwood flooring is the original form of hardwood flooring. Each plank is formed from a single hunk of wood, meaning your floor can be refinished time and time again. Your solid hardwood floor has limitations. It works best for dry, cool climates that don’t see heavy foot traffic.
  • Engineered hardwood flooring is very popular in Florida for its sturdy build. With its genuine hardwood top layer laminated to composite layers below, engineered flooring holds strong against humidity and household moisture. Engineered hardwood is much less likely to shrink or expand. Depending on the thickness of the top layer, your engineered hardwood floor can sometimes be refinished.


Are There Waterproof Hardwood Flooring Options?


YES! Meet your new flooring favorite: waterproof engineered hardwood flooring.


Waterproof engineered hardwood floors are fortified with a resilient core and thicker surface for full protection. Designed especially for humid climates, waterproof hardwood flooring is the right fit for families. It’s great for homes with lots of indoor pets and comes in as many styles as all the other hardwood types.



Planning Your Hardwood Flooring Installation

Choose wisely and plan accordingly before you install hardwood floors.


Our flooring experts are no strangers to the local climate, and can advise you on flooring that’s right for your room. Professional flooring installation is strongly recommended. The most obvious reason for this is the fact that most product warranties require it!


Here are some questions to consider as you pick out your new floors:


  • How much direct sunlight does the room get?
  • Will kids and pets be using this space?
  • How much time do you want to spend cleaning?
  • What’s the room’s moisture level?
  • Is the room temperature always the same, or does it change with the seasons?
  • Will you want to refinish your floor in the future?


Are Hardwood Floors Hard to Take Care Of?

Caring for hardwood isn’t as hard as you might believe.


So, you’ve set your heart on hardwood: now what? Here’s how to ensure a happy ending for your new hardwood floor.


  • Read manufacturer’s instructions to understand the best ways to clean, which cleaning products to use, and how to make sure you’re covered by warranty.


  • Sweep regularly to prevent scratches from dirt build-up.


  • Vacuum now and then to make sure there’s no dirt left between your planks. We recommend using a vacuum especially for hardwood: you won’t want to damage your planks!


  • Wipe up those spills as soon as you see them: stains happen.


  • Properly seal flooring after installation to help with water proofing.  


Find Hardwood Floors Near You at Carpet One Floor & Home


Need quality hardwood flooring in the Villages? We’ve got you covered.


Did you know that as members of Carpet One Floor & Home, we’re locally owned and locally run? As cooperative members, we share incredible variety and value with every customer, and boast many advantages over popular chain stores.


With our two showrooms filled with the best hardwood flooring brands, count on us to help you find what you’re looking for.


Visit us soon in Ocala or Lady Lake when it’s time to plan your next hardwood flooring installation.


Solid Hardwood vs. Engineered Hardwood

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Best Hardwood Warranties

Our wonderful warranties for hardwood flooring means you'll get protected and stay that way- no matter what happens next week (or next year!)
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