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Luxury Vinyl Tile


Luxury vinyl is one of the fastest growing flooring categories on the market, and it’s becoming more popular with homeowners. While vinyl is nothing new, today’s luxury vinyl tiles come in individual synthetic squares that mirror real porcelain, ceramic and stone. Vinyl tiles are more affordable, easier to install and more crack-resistant than their natural counterparts. If you are looking to replace the old, outdated floors in your kitchen or bathroom, then consider installing trendy luxury vinyl tile.


Luxury vinyl tiles are a great alternative to natural stone and ceramic tile flooring. It provides more warmth underfoot compared to traditional tile, and the thick, multi-layered construction also provides a cushioned feel. The material dulls noises, including loud voices, pet claws and heeled shoes. Vinyl tile flooring is also less likely to crack and chip.


Vinyl tiles are made using synthetic layers that are laminated together to create a dense, durable final product. Each layer plays an important role in how the floor will function in your home. The humidity here in Florida can fluctuate on a daily basis, and with luxury vinyl tiles you don’t have to worry about your flooring becoming warped by moist air.


High Quality, Water Resistant, Durable Flooring


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Easy to Clean

Luxury vinyl tiles are also very easy to clean, and the surface layer is resistant to scratches, scuffs and stains. We also have 100% waterproof vinyl floors, so there is no need to worry about accidentally spilling anything on your floors. To prevent buildup of dust and dirt, a weekly sweep with a microfiber cloth will do the trick

Easy Installation

Vinyl is also easier to install, with temporary and permanent installation available. Temporary tiles click-lock into place, while permanent installation preps the floor base and glues the tiles down into place. The permanent installation method is advisable for busy, moisture-prone areas.

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For an affordable, easy and stylish floor, visit one of our showroom locations to see our latest selection of luxury vinyl tile. We proudly provide flooring and installations in central Florida, including Marion, Sumter and Lake counties.


Installation Services


Carpet One in Ocala offers installation services on all of our vinyl flooring for a professional, clean install you’ll love for years to come.

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